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Sedgwick School 

Art and STEAM 

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) 


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The Sedgwick Elementary School Pledge

My purpose at 

Sedgwick Elementary

is to learn. 

In order for me to learn 

and allow all others to learn, 

as a Sedgwick school citizen, 

I will show respect for myself, 

for others, 

and for our school.

The FY25 ESEA application is open for public comment until June 30, 2024. Funding from Title I, II, IVA, and V must be applied for yearly, and we are requesting public input on the projects and expenditures for those funds. 

Please contact or (207) 348-9100 in order to add any comments, suggestions, and concerns.  


Principal - Carla Magoon 

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