MLTI iPad Use

Sedgwick Elementary School Appropriate Use Policy

MLTI iPad Guidelines

Sedgwick Elementary School provides iPads, computers, networks, and Internet access to support the educational mission of the school and to enhance the curriculum and learning opportunities for students and school staff. It is a privilege, not a right. The MLTI iPads are on loan to our school and will be used by students over a period of years. Students will adhere to the following guidelines for iPad care and use:

iPad Care

Students will:

1.   Begin school each day with a fully charged iPad.

2.   Do not charge iPad in the carrying case because that will cause overheating.

4.   Do not mark or write on the iPad, charger, or case.

5.   Clean the iPad and case only with teacher-approved cleaning materials.

7.   Return the iPad to the charging station before lunch so the computer is charged for the afternoon.

8.   Return the iPad to the charging station at the end of the day to charge overnight if the iPad is not going home.

9.   Make sure the iPad is in a safe place when not in use.

10. Do not leave the iPad on the floor or chair or other places where it could easily get damaged.

11. Close the iPad cover when transporting the iPad.

12. Have a label with the student's name on the iPad and the charger.

Classroom teachers will:

1.   Check in the morning that all students have their charged iPad, charger, and case at school.

2.   Check that the charging station is in order at the end of the day and that any iPads staying at school are charging.

Computer Use at School

Students will follow the teacher's instructions about the use of the iPad and will check with the teacher in charge before using their iPad.

The following are permitted only if authorized and supervised by a teacher for ACADEMIC purposes:

,    Using headphones

,    Playing educational games

,    Downloading or playing music for educational projects

,    Registering for online (class-related) accounts

,    Using e-mail, chat sites, or other online social networks without direct teacher supervision

Certain activities are not permitted:

,    Using iPad without a teacher or supervising adult present

,    Using the iPads in the cafeteria

,    Eating or drinking around the iPad

,    Making any changes to the iPad settings without permission.

,    Deleting Internet history or changing Internet browser preferences, unless specifically instructed to do so by a teacher (Note: The history is stored for one month.)

,    Putting the iPad in a locker or transporting it to places other than home or school

,    Accessing inappropriate materials

,    Using school devices for illegal activities including violating copyright laws, plagiarism, copying software, or unauthorized access to another's password or account

,    Revealing full name, address, telephone number, or photos of themselves or others on the Internet without parent and teacher permission

iPad Use at Home-

Students may take home iPads only when there is an assignment that requires their use.

At home, parents are responsible for monitoring their child's iPad use, including Internet use.

The student is responsible for following all school guidelines regarding iPad use while using an iPad.

Student use of the iPad at home must be in an area clearly visible to parents.

Parents are responsible for the financial liability incurred by student misuse of the iPad.

In order to take iPads home, students and parents must agree to follow the rules discussed herein and sign below.

iPads MUST travel in their cases and may not be taken out on the bus or in other vehicles.

Extra-Curricular Events

iPads are not to be used at sports games or away extra-curricular events. They will remain at the school unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Misuse of iPads

The purpose of the iPads is educational and the school expects students and parents to abide by the guidelines. Violations of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action that will include but not be limited to losing privileges associated with the iPads.  Teachers may check the internet and download history at any time. iPad use may also be monitored remotely through network administration. Students have no expectation of privacy.

Consequences for Misuse

The teachers or principal will take appropriate action depending on the infraction, which may include, but not be limited to, the loss of Internet privileges or restricted iPad use at school Students should expect at least the following consequences:

Students may lose the privilege to take the iPads home, the ability to use the internet on the iPad, or the ability to use the iPad entirely for a given period of time, depending on what the infractions are.

iPad Damage or Loss

The student and parent will be held responsible for any costs to repair damage or replace an iPad, iPad charger, or case that is the result of malicious or negligent actions or care. The cost of replacing the iPad is approximately $600, the iPad charger is approximately $20, and the keyboard case is approximately $150.


I understand and agree to abide by the Sedgwick Elementary School iPad Guidelines outlined in this document.

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